Most of us have already given up on our New Year’s resolutions, and with good reason.  Let’s be frank.  The timing is all wrong.  This is proven with the statistic that only 9% of those who create NY resolutions ever finish them.  Maybe it’s not about us, maybe it’s about the timing.

What’s the Deal with Timing?

Here is a thought:  While we are all going gung-ho smack in the middle of winter, what is nature doing? It’s resting!  The trees have lost their leaves. Animals are hibernating.  And quite honestly, aren’t we all simply exhausted? 

We have just finished the whirlwind of the holidays as well as the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the year and the longest night of the entire year.

Seasonal Vibes:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to follow the seasons, rather than a tradition that fails every year like clockwork?  Yes, 80% of people have thrown in the towel by the 2nd Friday of January.

As I am writing this, I am tired.  Everyone I am talking to is telling me they are tired and sick of the darkness.  There hasn’t been any sun for weeks.  It’s cold and icy so you can’t even go outside to exercise or have fun unless you dress up like an Eskimo.  And for us with weakening bones, it’s dangerous to walk on icy roads or snowy trails.  My 62-year-old hiking buddy had a bad fall on her hike last week and it gave her a fright!

What is the solution?  Let’s use the seasons to plan our year.  Go with flow.

Release, Restore and Receive: 

Take the first quarter to rest up from the holidays, indulge in self-care like massages, yoga, meditation, reading and trying out new healthy recipes if that is your thing. 

This doesn’t mean that we don’t take care of ourselves or exercise.  It just means to be kind to yourself.  Don’t overdo it or be too hard on yourself.

Many of us are stuck in doors, so this is a great time to clear out the clutter, get organized and make room for more of what you want instead!  Use this time to prepare for the spring when growth is assured!

Springtime Magic:

Now, here is where the magic happens!  Spring is the season of growth, renewal and everything is blooming.  We have the Spring Equinox with 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.  Instead of forcing resolutions in the winter slump, let’s ride the wave of spring energy!  Set those goals when everything around you is buzzing with life.

Practical Tips: 

  • Winter Reflection:  Cozy up with a hot drink and reflect on the past year.  What’s been fabulous and what can take a hike?
  • Release Rituals:  Whether it’s cleaning out your closet or having a heart-to-heart with your journal, find your own releasing rituals or try something new like a Qigong class!
  • Spring Planning:  As spring rolls in, start planning your goals.  It’s like planting seeds for your personal garden of growth.

Set yourself up for success.  People who have followed the seasons tend to stick to their goals longer.  Maybe the reason our resolutions bail on us isn’t because we lack willpower.  It’s more like we are trying to swim upstream, against the current.  By tuning into the seasons and going with the flow, we are setting ourselves up for success.

As winter gives way to spring, let’s bloom right along with it.  Your dreams are not a sprint, they are an ongoing interesting dance, so enjoy the journey! 

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Katana Abbott

Katana Abbott, CFP®, is a Retirement Income Coach and Certified Social Security Claiming Specialist, founder of the Midlife Millionaire™ Solution, and the host of Smart Women Talk. For over 35 years, Katana has helped Baby Boomers plan for retirement, including how to create lifetime income, how to optimize their Social Security benefits, launch an encore career, and prepare for long-term care.  She has written several books, created a financial literacy course, and is a popular speaker. Katana has been honored by NAWBO as one of Detroit’s Top 10 Businesswomen, receiving the Breakthrough Award. To download her new retirement guide, Three Smart Strategies to Maximize Your Retirement Income, visit