One of the biggest problems I had when I started my business was that there were so many opportunities and so little time. I would see what others were doing and suddenly wonder, “Hey, maybe I should be learning that, too.”

Or I’d hear about some new thing and think, “Hey maybe that will help my business.”

But then I realized that I have my own unique passion, purpose, and niche. And when I work in that zone, my strength zone, everything flows, and opportunities within my area of expertise or skill present themselves.

A mentor of mine asked me a very a powerful question one day, “Beth, what do you want your life to look like in 10 years?”

That was an easy question to answer. But her next question wasn’t so simple. “Okay, so what action steps are you taking today, next week, next year, and in three years to make sure that you are always getting closer to that vision? And how do you prioritize your resources in alignment with that vision?”

I hadn’t thought about that before. You see, what I tell all my clients is that we only have three resources:  money, expertise, and time. Money and expertise can be increased, expanded, and replenished, but time, once spent, is gone forever.

That’s when I came up with the Individual Strategic Planning Tool. I use it to keep me focused on what is most important to move towards the life and work I want.

I’m offering it for FREE so that you can have the same focus and commitment to your zone of strength and can achieve ultimate success. Get your copy here:

So how are you spending your time to achieve the life and work you desire in 10 years? Or 5? Or 25? 


Beth Wonson is a writer, speaker, leadership consultant and coach. Her podcast, Dynamics of Self, comes out weekly and filled with stories and tips on how understanding ourselves is the key to achieving our goals, working within our passion area and creating meaningful connections with others – at work and in our personal lives.

Beth started her business, Beth Wonson & Company in 2011 with $750 and one client. Since then she has been speaking, coaching and consulting across the United States. Beth’s niche is helping people and organizations reduce drama and chaos and increase productivity and positive connections. Beth has authored two books – Let Go of the Rock and An Everyday Guide to Joy and Abundance. She lives in Sacramento CA and loves hiking, gardening, cooking and writing. You can find out more about Beth at