Your personality is intimately related to the day of the week you were born on… or so says traditional Myanmar astrology. I thought I would bring the Myanmar Zodiac home and share it with you and see what you think. The mystic in me always has fun learning about new ways of creating self-awareness and answering the questions all humans ask about why they are here and what they are meant to be doing.

The Myanmar Zodiac

Myanmar, formally known as Burma, is a Buddhist country. Their zodiac was created by Buddhist monks and is part of an ancient system of astrology called Mahabote (pronounced Ma Ha Botey), which means “little key.”  It is thought it might be called “little key” because it’s a branch of the larger Vedic astrological tree called Jyotish.

I find that any tool you can use to deepen your self-awareness is good to explore, and I found this one fascinating. What I have written here is a simplified version and definitely just a tiny little bud on the branch of the larger tree.

The number 8 is a sacred number in Myanmar astrology. Turned on its side, the number 8 is the sign of infinity and represents balance between earthly life and the cosmos and energic harmony.

There are 8 cardinal directions, 8 planetary energies (7 planets plus Rahu), 8 lotus petals, and 8 days of the week…wait…what? Yep! Wednesday has been split in half to accommodate the sacred number 8.

The Mahabote Chart of Myanmar Zodiac Animal Signs

Astrological readings are a synthesis of many variables such as geographic location, polarities, elements, houses, times, planets, stars, gems, deities, anatomy, and much more. What I have provided here is basic information about how the day of the week you were born on influences your overall personality. Your zodiac animal according to the Mahabote tradition is just one layer of the entire complexity of Myanmar astrology.

Myanmar Mahabote Zodiac Animal Sign Meanings


Animal: Garuda (a mythical bird from Buddhism and Hinduism with God-like qualities)

BirthDAY: Sunday

Ruling Planet: Sun

Ruling Direction: Northeast

General personality traits of the Garuda:

You can be generous and kind, even as some might think, to a fault. You love a good challenge and the bigger it is, the more motivated you are to meet it. You are not prone to feeling victimized by life and often take the role of cheerleader for others as you channel your energy into motivating and inspiring them.


Animal: Tiger

BirthDAY: Monday

Ruling Planet: Moon

Ruling Direction: East

Personality traits of the Tiger:

You are detail oriented and patient, until you’re not. At that point you can be impatient and do not like people wasting your time or taking advantage of you. You are intuitive and intelligent and like to succeed at meeting your goals. You are normally law abiding and willing to take responsibility for your actions.


Animal: Lion

BirthDAY: Tuesday

Ruling Planet: Mars

Ruling Direction: Southeast

Personality traits of the Lion:

Like King Richard the Lion Heart, you too are a noble and natural leader and crusader. You have a sense of honor and dignity and don’t like to compromise. You tend to be opinionated and stubborn but are often correct in your assessments. If you are standing up for the underdog, you will take on most challenges.

Wednesday Morning

Animal: Elephant with tusks

BirthDAY: Wednesday morning

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Ruling Direction: South

Personality traits of the Elephant with tusks:

You are enthusiastic and action oriented. You can be unpredictable and fly close to the flame, sometimes getting burned in your thirst for action that often has an element of danger. Your spontaneous passion draws people to you who love your zest. You like to be in control of your life and are independent sometimes to a fault.

Wednesday Evening

Animal: Elephant without tusks

Day of Week Born: Wednesday Afternoon

Ruling Planet: Rahu

Ruling Direction: Northwest

Personality traits of the Elephant without tusks:

Your contradictory nature can keep people guessing. You guard your privacy but are also good at self-promotion. You are more risk averse than your tusked counterpart and are also action oriented if you can have assurance of the outcome. You are successful and able to accomplish your goals, particularly in business, on your terms.


Animal: Rat

BirthDAY: Thursday

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Ruling Direction: West

Personality traits of the Rat:

You use your wittiness, your intelligence, and your cleverness to seize opportunities that come your way. You will not be stopped when it comes to getting what you want. You like your alone time and can be quite introverted and quiet between social times. You can be seen as overly driven or just super focused; either way you will get ahead.


Animal: Guinea Pig

BirthDAY: Friday

Ruling Planet: Venus

Ruling Direction: North

Personality traits of the Guinea Pig:

You are an “ideas” person and have the creative and artistic nature to follow through on them provided you don’t get too distracted or overwhelmed by going in too many directions. You will tire of doing the same thing over and over. You are a good friend and can be kind and sympathetic.


Animal: Dragon

BirthDAY: Saturday

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Ruling Direction: Southwest

Personality traits of the Dragon:

People are attracted to your great sense of humor, your philosophical views on life and your understanding nature. You like to work alone and not depend on anyone else.

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