It’s been three months since my foot surgery which included a bone graph, two plates and six screws, four weeks of non-weight bearing, followed by six weeks of physical therapy! I am so ready to thrive again, and I have a plan!  

We are surrounded by beautiful trails where we live, and yesterday, I did my second 10-mile bike ride this year. Our trail systems meander through forest areas, wetlands, and multiple parks.  I was so excited to see people playing again.  The ballpark was buzzing with the clink of bats, cheering crowds, and families enjoying tailgate parties under the bright cloudless sky. 

Riding my bike in nature is my joy.  What is yours?

A few years ago, I interviewed author, Chris Crowley who didn’t start to exercise until he was in his 50s. Chris told me that we must exercise every single day of our lives in order to thrive into our 90s. He walks his talk, and today he’s 87 and still going strong!  His book is called, Younger Next Year, and during our interview Chris said, “70% of aging is voluntary, and you can avoid it until you are near end of life.”

Another person who didn’t start exercising until later in life is American bodybuilder, Ernestine Shepherd.  In March of 2010, at the age of 74, Ernestine was given the title of the World’s Oldest Performing Female Body Builder by the Guinness World Records.  Today, Ernestine is 85, and like Chris, still going strong.

Seeing role models like Chris and Ernestine is inspiring to me.  In fact, there are places in the world where many of the people live to be 100 years or more.  They call these areas The Blue Zones and I’ve written an article on it called, Pura Vida!  The Secret to Living to 100  where I share the 8-secrets to this Pura Vida lifestyle.

Living a long and healthy life is possible, but it takes a game plan! 

I’ve been dealing with arthritis and bone density issues for years, and this is the year I plan to have a radical transformation.  I know it’s possible because one of my dear friends did it by changing her diet and doing weight training several times a week. 

So why hadn’t I just followed her lead? 

I know.  I had an uninspiring goal.  Here is an example of what I mean:

  • Old (uninspiring) Goal:  Good bone density test in 2022.
  • New (exciting) Goal:  Slalom ski in Summer 2022!

You get the idea.  Good bone density result is a blah goal.  I know this because it hasn’t motivated me. 

Why is the new goal better? 

Number one, for me to be able to slalom ski, I will need very strong bones and muscles, so I’ll probably see a positive bone density result!

So … what gets you so excited that you will do whatever it takes to get there? 

If you’d like some help with this, try setting goals to get fit and fabulous this year with my Perfect Life exercises in the Unlock Your Financial Power course at the Smart Women’s Academy.  

The whole program is designed to help you get clear and to keep you inspired.  You can print out the PDF worksheets while following along with me on the audio and video trainings and my 4-step process:

  • Make your goals big and bold using my Perfect Life Affirmations exercise in Key #1:  The Dream
  • Print them out and read them daily
  • Schedule time in your calendar (following the categories in the Perfect Life Affirmations):
    • Mind, Body and Spirit
    • Family, Friends and Fun
    • Work, Career and Legacy
  • Track your success with my Perfect Life Practice check list in Key #4 – The Plan 

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