Ever wish you had a super power? X-ray vision, perhaps? Or the ability to fly, be invisible or move at the speed of sound?

If only you had one of those (or any other awesome power) you’d could be the hero, right? You could save the day. You’d get so much stuff done. You could do, be, or have anything your precious heart desires. If only. But here you are. Plain ole’ you. Nothing special. Or so you say.

But you’d be wrong, because who you are (even if you don’t believe it) truly one of a kind, full of unique gifts, and talents.

In fact, who you are is so gosh darn full of Hero Potential that it’s downright scary. And the fact that it’s so scary is EXACTLY what’s keeping you from putting all your gifts and talents to full use.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before – We don’t fear failure, we fear success. (Crazy, huh?!?!)

It’s not that you can’t imagine how cool it would be to have that new career, satisfying relationship, or abundant lifestyle, but it’s that the bigger “Your Dream” Story, the bigger the “Yeah, But” Story shows up in resistance to that dream.

The problem is that you don’t recognize the resistance for what it is because resistance is tricky. It disguises itself in all sorts of way. Doing the “urgent” stuff, rather than the important stuff.  Clutter.  Watching cat videos on YouTube rather than following up on sales calls.  Eating junk food for comfort rather than what would truly nourish you (which at times, isn’t even food).

At its most powerful and insidious, it disguises itself as the voice of “truth” in your head that gets you to buy into the belief that you suck, you’re not good enough, and everything you do is crap.

Trust me, I know.  Every time I sit down to write, I hear that voice in my head say, “Give up! Nobody cares about what you have to say!!”

But here’s the thing.

Resistance (those “Yeah, But” voices and stories) are NEVER going to go away, and if you don’t develop a solid strategy for dealing with it, then your Hero potential is always going to stay exactly that … potential.

And that would be a crying shame because more than ever, THE WORLD NEEDS WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER. Your gifts and your talents, delivered in only the way YOU can deliver them to the folks that can only receive it from you.

So what to do?

  1. Go for whatever it is you desire because you’re passionate about it … because it pulls on you from deep in your being, not because you think you should. I guarantee you, the road is going to get rough, and if you’re not committed from your heart and/or your gut, those “Yeah, But” Stories will derail you every time.
  2. Take 100% responsibility for the stories you tell. All stories serve some purpose, so begin to recognize how the story you tell serves you. Too often, we tell stories where we’re the victim, and while it’s true that “we all have our scars to live with,” they don’t need to define you unless you give them that power.
  3. Decide what to pay attention to. Judgment and criticality is all about keeping you small and powerless. Wonder and curiosity is all about expansion and possibility. Which ones will you choose to embrace?
  4. Stop trying to do it all yourself. Even the Lone Ranger didn’t go it alone. Your Hero’s journey will attract many powerful Allies. Be open to whoever shows up and welcome whatever assistance they offer. If no one shows up, go look for help. Actively seek it. Get a coach, a mentor, or a sponsor because their guidance will be invaluable in getting you where you want to go.
  5. Believe in Magic. As the Mad Hatter said in Alice in Wonderland, “Everyone wants some magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.” Be someone who believes.Be committed to the biggest “Dream Story” you can imagine but don’t be attached to how it’s supposed to show up. Make space for magic to occur.

 Why? Well, because within every “Dream Story” is an even bigger story that I call the “Unexpected Story.”  It’s what happened to Elizabeth Gilbert when she committed herself to the journey she wrote about in Eat, Pray, Love.  It’s what happened when Brené Brown decided to become really vulnerable and talk about shame. It’s what is in store for anyone who pushes the boundaries and beliefs of what they think is possible in order to make way for something truly extraordinary.

The Unexpected Story”  is the biggest version of what you when synchronicity, coincidence, and the Power that Creates Worlds all line up to assist you because of your commitment  to bringing forth your Hero Potential.

The truth is – you don’t need “super powers” to be a hero. You just need to show up. Do what’s important. Follow your Heart. Recognize there is always going to be resistance. Get help when you need it.  Embrace Wonder and Curiosity. Then just keep on going.

The world is waiting for you!

Shannon Presson, Copyright 2019


Shannon Presson’s passion is helping people truly reinvent themselves and the way they experience life. She works with clients to transform the old stories and limiting beliefs that have held them back for so long, into empowered ones that pave the way for what they truly desire.

She is a life coach, Master NLP practitioner, Certified Wealthy Mind™ trainer, and a Horse Dream Partner, teaching coaching skills through horse wisdom.

To learn more about Shannon Presson, visit her at www.shannonpresson.com