“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” 

Oprah Winfrey

Let’s face it, we repeat this every year.  We plan those New Year’s resolutions, and then, within days or weeks, we give up. 

Do you know there is even a name for this? It’s called Quitters Day!  Not only do statistics show that only 9% of people who make resolutions on January 1 ever finish them, but a 2019 study by the exercise app Strava showed that by the 2nd Friday in January, over 80% of people had thrown in the towel.  That was January 12!

Do you even remember your New Year’s resolutions at this point?  Most resolutions are about getting in shape, changing our eating habits, exercising more, or even attempting a “Dry January.” 

My husband, Mark, would laugh that the first two weeks were packed at the club, and then by mid-month, it was back to normal. In fact, he now has a Peloton bike that he purchased on Facebook Marketplace last spring.  A woman had purchased it new for her New Year’s resolution to get in shape, and when he bought it from her for $800 it was still in the plastic!

I am sure you can relate!

Common reasons given for failure are:

  • Thinking too Big
  • Not considering the “Why” behind the resolution
  • Lack of planning
  • Lack of tracking
  • Not being ready for change.

These are all great reasons, but I believe the biggest reason we fail is because the timing is wrong!   January is probably the worst time of the year to try and change behavior.

We are exhausted from the holidays.  It’s dark when we get up and dark when we get home from work.  All we want to do is cozy up in a blanket at night with a good book.  In Iceland, they call the dark months “the cozy months” and have all kinds of rituals to make the time bearable! 

So be sure to check out my show this month with Colleen Kilpatrick where we dive deeper into why we fail, why it’s not our fault, and when is a better time to launch new goals and habits.  I think you will love it.

You can also read our two articles that go deeper into the why and what to do instead. 

I believe the winter is a great time to practice self-care, to release what is no longer serving you, so you can open space for what you want more of.  This way, you will be prepared and refreshed to tackle your exciting new goals when you are ready, and the seasons are working to support you!

To help you release what is no longer wanted and to restore your energy, I’m inviting you to check out these shows later this month:  Colleen Kilpatrick sharing tips from her book, Eliminate What You Tolerate, Tisha Morris sharing How Your Stuff is Keeping You Stuck, and Andria Corso sharing tips from her book, Fear to Flow.

We have exciting topics for you in the next few months as well.  In March we will be addressing women’s empowerment with Be the Change!  In April, we will be exploring the Food Controversy and What to Eat, and in May we will be diving into Living Your Purpose Brilliantly!

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Katana Abbott, CFP®, is a Midlife Millionaires® Coach and Certified Social Security Optimization Specialist, and the host of Smart Women Talk. For over 35 years, Katana has helped Baby Boomers plan for retirement, including how to create lifetime income, how to optimize their Social Security benefits, launch an encore career, and prepare for long-term care.  She has written several books, created a financial literacy course, and is a popular speaker. Katana has been honored by NAWBO as one of Detroit’s Top 10 Businesswomen, receiving the Breakthrough Award. To download her new retirement guide, Three Smart Strategies to Maximize Your Retirement Income, visit www.katanaabbott.com.