Do you know that you are a powerful being? I’m Dr. Keesha Ewers and I help women reframe their stories so that they can reclaim their power and show up in the most vital and vibrant way that they can. Here is today’s tip:


Watch your language. Watch what you say to yourself

I don’t really mind how you speak and what words you use, but watch your language when you speak to yourself. Are you holding you back? The meanings and the beliefs we have in our adult life are created in childhood. Those meanings and beliefs may not be serving you at your current age any longer, if they are a result of an experience that was unpleasant for you or even traumatic. What I find is that our language (mindset) is the biggest thing that holds us back from showing up.

Women are the creative “spark plugs” of this universe.

In other words, men are the builders; women are the electricity. They’re the ones that the men literally plug in to. In Eastern philosophy, it’s called Shakti. That balance of masculine and feminine is within each one of us but for you, as a woman, you are responsible, even obligated. Show up in your life’s purpose in the most powerful way that you can. If you don’t, you’ll leave the world a darker place. Whatever your roles are on this planet, whether it’s mother, daughter, sister, wife or a professional; do your best – your most excellent. What is the one thing that trips you up from doing that? Your own language to you.

Remember, you are not a victim. You are powerful. 

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 Dr. Keesha Ewers is a board certified Functional and Ayurvedic medical practitioner, as well as Doctor of Sexology, host and founder of The Woman’s Vitality Summit, and founder of a new branch of medicine called Functional Sexology. Click here to learn more about her Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Program.