Secret Sauce of Success

It’s Motivation Time. It’s time to get yourself a story and some meaning…

Everything you do, and everything you say, if examined closely enough, has meaning. And all of it stems from a story you’ve made up about your life, why you can and why you can’t have what you want.

Why is it that you can achieve great things in one area and can’t seem to budge in another?

It’s because the story and the meaning associated with that hard-to-budge story isn’t big enough, compelling enough, healing enough, hopeful enough, real enough… it doesn’t make you want to get out of bed in the morning…

To try again.

To learn some more.

To take some actions that are super scary.

Without meaning, it’s hard to be motivated. Without a compelling story, it’s hard to get up. Without an answer to WHY BOTHER? and WHAT’S the POINT? you won’t get through the tough moments on your journey to your goal and keep going.

This is the secret sauce that separates the high achievers from the wannabes.

I’ve achieved great things in my career. I have a huge gigantic story and some deep meaning behind what propels me forward. (I will tell you more about that soon.)

I’ve also lost and gained weight over the same 18 years I’ve been a Life Coach. The desire to be thin doesn’t initiate the same drive in me. Losing weight is a hundred times harder for me than winning an Emmy or writing a bestselling book.

My career is tied into destiny and supporting others. Losing weight can become about slipping into a size six flirty skirt.

For most people it’s easier to be motivated when you feel called, when you feel like you must, that it’s been pre-ordained, and it supports others too.

But this is what’s cool…any goal, project, dream you want to achieve DOES benefit everyone on the planet. As you become more true to you, your energy shifts and that literally shifts the energy of the planet from “I can’t” to “I can.” From “can’t happen to me”, to “yes to me.” You become a living example of what’s possible …

I can lose weight with more ease when the story I create around it does more than gratify my ego and the notches on my belt but instead, benefits others as well.

When I take better care of myself as an expression of self-love, it’s a whole lot easier to eat greens. When I see those greens as an act of self-love, I can do it. When I see that when I love myself more, I am better to the people I love, it’s easier to stop eating a frozen yogurt with chocolate sprinkles. When I attribute to being good to my body, as being good to my spirit, I can do it.

But if I focus on weight loss to fit in a pair of size six hot pink pants, I am totally unmotivated. When my goal comes from ego alone, and I can’t tie it into something larger, I always stall.

I don’t know what propels you to get going, but I want you to know what it is.

I want you to know now.

And it better be good.

Finding a wholly compelling answer to WHY THIS? will keep you going no matter how rocky the road gets and that’s the difference between high achievers and wannabes.

Now, I don’t care what your reason is.

You might be motivated by security or freedom or love or health. You might be inspired by God. You might be driven to achieve because you’re finally sick of feeling like a loser or watching your brother be more successful at everything.

It doesn’t matter what it is. Do not judge yourself.

But admit it now.

What if you’re not sure? Figure it out. Make it up. Play with it. But you gotta find it … find the reason behind all the other superficial reasons why you must achieve your goal this time.

Fearbuster Exercise

Answer the following questions:

  • What’s the point of going for your dream?
  • Why bother?
  • How will going for this dream support you?
  • Who else will benefit from it?
  • Bottom line: WHY DO THIS?
  • Complete the sentences:
  • I am going for _(dream)____________ because…..
  • If I achieve my dream it means…
  • And when I achieve my dream, I will be…
  • The story I tell myself why I can’t do it…
  • The story I tell myself why I can…
  • The thing that I must remember to keep going is…
  • When I achieve my dream, my life will look like…
  • When I achieve my dream, I will feel…
  • When I achieve my dream, I will do…
  • When I achieve my dream, I will then be able to…

Whew. That’s it for now. Answer the questions and complete the sentences as best you can.

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