Living your best life comes down to an acknowledgment of two basic universal principles.  The first principle is that of empowerment, which is the knowledge that you are the creator, promotor and allow-er of everything you attract into your experience.  And the second principle is using this understanding to deliberately calibrate your mindset in order to attract, on purpose, the quality and types of experiences that you desire.    

The Incredible Power of Mindset

The ability to calibrate or adjust our own mindset is a power that originates 100% from within each one of us.  Because while other people or outer circumstances can and do exert an influence in our lives, we are the only ones who have the power to choose the direction of our thoughts, our perceptions and moods, and – ultimately – the quality of energy that we flow towards our creations.    

Of course, other people can invite us to share their worldview, but we alone are in control of our mindset, which is the unique lens through which we choose – either on purpose or by default – to view life.  From our mindset, everything flows.

Mindset determines whether we see the proverbial glass as half full or half empty.  It informs whether we think we can or can’t do something.   Our mindset can lure us into a downward spiral where it feels like everything that is going wrong, or guide us along an upward spiral of appreciation as we acknowledge all that is going right.   Mindset determines our perspective, our attitudes, our emotions, and – as a result – the outcomes we ultimately create. 

The mindset we bring to each aspect of our lives is so vitally important, and we alone control it.  And yet so often we hand this control over to someone else!

The truth is, each of us has the power to direct our attention (and therefore our creative energy) on purpose.  But until we understand this, we view ourselves as being at the mercy of those around us.   Consider these simple scenarios: 

  • If someone compliments you, must you automatically feel flattered? 
  • If someone criticizes you, do you have to become insulted?  Or, do you in fact have the power to make a different choice? 

Most people, if they’re being honest, would tell you that there is no other alternative than to feel flattered by a compliment or insulted by a criticism.  But to live this way is to literally place all of our creative personal power into someone else’s hands.

Calibrating your mindset on purpose takes a disciplined mind.   You have to be willing to steer clear of the well-worn thought pathways that you know leave you feeling badly.  You know the thought pathways I’m talking about, right?   It’s that familiar internal voice that tells you you can’t do it, that it’s too late, or that you don’t deserve it.  It’s the voice that invites you to compare yourself to others and come up short.  It’s the one taking stock all the time of what’s going wrong or what’s missing in your experience, rather than acknowledging and celebrating all the good. 

If we follow these lack-based thought pathways, they will continue to lead us to unsatisfying results. It’s really as simple as that.  To forge a pathway to our best life, we must actively engage our imagination and begin asking better questions.  Instead of asking questions like, What if I try and fail?, we can calibrate our mindset on purpose by asking questions such as, What if I had already created the result I’ve been striving toward?  What if I already was the type of person I am aspiring to be? The mindset you hold about every important subject in your life is like a personal weather system that you carry with you everywhere you go.  It’s made up of the combined energy of your thoughts, your imaginings, your moods, your expectations and your beliefs.  But unlike the weather, you have control of the energetic atmosphere in which you live.  And as such, you can choose to reside in the vibration of prosperity, even when others are choosing lack.  You can choose faith, even before there is evidence that warrants it.  You can choose empowerment, even when those around you are steeped in victimhood.  Exercising this all-important choice is the secret to living your best life, and to manifesting everything that you desire.


Christy Whitman is an energy healer, Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance.  Her forthcoming book The Desire Factor: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power is available for pre-order now at www.thedesirefactor.com. She communicates with, and for, The Quantum Council, a collection of non-physical ascended masters who desire to help humanity understand that we are divinely designed for well-being, abundance, success and loving relationships. You can take the first step in alignment and creating your desires by a free 30-day program called Watch Your Words by going here: www.watchyourwords.com

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