“Legacy begins in the heart and then you move to your head.” – Marjorie Fisher

Each of us has a unique story that makes us who we are and prepares us for our mission here on earth. 

I believe we come here with a purpose, and when we are born, we have no idea what it is.  Our life is all about figuring it out.  Every experience in our life has meaning and has brought us to who and where we are today.

Some experiences are wonderful, and others are very difficult. 

We all know others who have had some kind of wake-up call and then went on to accomplish great things and here is an example…

After his brother died, a famous Swedish chemist was checking the obituaries only to find that they had printed his own.

The obituary said, “The merchant of death is dead,” and went on to say, “Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.” 

You see Alfred Nobel had created dynamite. He was so horrified with what he read that he became very concerned with how he would be remembered.  This experience inspired him to create a new will and testament, setting aside the bulk of his estate to establish the Nobel Prizes, to be awarded annually without distinction of nationality.

So often adversity occurs simply to teach us something.  It’s often our greatest teacher. 

Now it’s your turn.  Imagine you walk into a funeral, and as you are walking to the front of the room, you notice that it is your funeral.

Take a few minutes later today to write your own eulogy.  How would you like to be remembered?  What do you want them to say, think and remember when they say your name?  Then use this as the basis for creating your own legacy.

Creating a legacy plan will take some thought.  It will give your life meaning and it will help you pass on your story, your values and your wealth to the next generations and the world. 

This month, I am so honored to welcome our two guests who will be sharing their stories with you.  Please do not miss these remarkable interviews.  Watch for them in your email box on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of this month, and you will immediately be able to watch them on video!

In our first show, I will be interviewing dear friend and Chairman of The Fisher Group, Chair Emeritus of the Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Phillip Fisher, and his brilliant daughter, Amanda, who is a 3rd generation philanthropist as they will share their amazing story of how their family has worked together to preserve and grow their family legacy while sharing it with their community.

Our second guest is Dr. Ken Dychtwald, psychologist, gerontologist, and best-selling author of 18 books on aging and longevity-related issues. Ken will discuss his new books, What Retirees Want and Radical Curiosity.

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Katana Abbott

Katana Abbott, CFP®, is a Midlife Millionaire® Coach, founder of the Smart Women Companies, and the host Smart Women Talk Radio with over a million subscribers.  For over 30 years, Katana has shown women how to take charge of their life and finances and believes it’s never too early to plan for expected and unexpected events like retirement, encore careers, moving abroad, or preparing for long-term care.  She has written several books, created a financial literacy course, and is a popular speaker. Katana has been honored by NAWBO as one of Detroit’s Top 10 Business Women, receiving the Breakthrough Award. To download her new retirement guide, Three Smart Strategies for a Midlife Millionaire® Lifestyle. visit www.katanaabbott.com