Living Her Legacy

As Henry Ford famously proclaimed, “Whether you think you can or whether think you can’t, you’re right.” Throughout my life, I have learned that it is the mindset and determination which decides a person’s success or failure. I share with you my humble story. I was a refugee child, who with the help of a

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How this Female Business Owner learned that Letting Go is the best way to grow

Letting go of control is a challenge for every entrepreneur but an essential one too. As Karen Auster proves, it’s a vital step toward keeping your sanity intact and helping your business to bloom. As founder and CEO of the Brooklyn-based Auster Agency, an experiential marketing firm, Karen found she was stretching herself too thin

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Socialization and #MeToo

Why have there been dozens and dozens of men accused of sexual harassment? Why has sexual misconduct continued for decades, despite corporate sexual harassment training and law suits? Why aren’t more men held accountable for their actions?  The answer comes down to how boys and men are socialized, and the masculine culture of the U.S.

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Stop Acting Your Age

People are always asking, “Florine, what’s your secret?” They want to know how I still feel and act younger than my years.  I am still as active and feel just as energetic as I did 20-30 years ago.  And it’s because I exercise regularly, eat healthy, and most of all – I maintain a positive

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Thinking Big about Money

Our theme this month is Thinking Big About Money, and I’m thrilled to be interviewing international speaker and author, Maddy Dychtwald of Age Wave, about a year-long study she and her organization conducted with Merrill Lynch on women and money.  The results have been published in a 28-page report called, Women & Financial Wellness:  Beyond

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