Dare to Dream

Are your dreams still in a drawer? When I worked with The Pacific Institute and facilitated workshops around the country, I remember speaking with so many baby boomers who told me that their dreams had been put in a drawer many years ago. They had been focused on their marriage, their children, their jobs – …

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Never Regret – It’s All Good!

Having an epiphany like that is a game changer. So often we look back at negative experiences or people in our life with regret, anger or resentment, when actually, those experiences could be our greatest teachers.

Gratitude is the Secret to Happiness

I was listening to Lynn Twist, author of The Soul of Money, last month during an interview with Marianne Williamson. Lynn said that COVID has been a teacher. It certainly has shaken us up. COVID has taught me to feel gratitude for all I have been given.