We are comprised of two distinctly different selves. A divine self that creates miracles and a mortal self that require them. We tend to focus on the latter and, often due to cultural education and bias, most of us spend far too much time in states of fear, helplessness, and failure. We have been conditioned to identify the self from the perspective of a limited mortal being. The illusion of the mortal as the totality is part of a myth that influences our broader, truthful perspective of reality. Without even knowing it we have come to except our flawed self as our soul self. This prevents us from creating, realizing and accessing miracles.

When viewing miracles as a reality there are four possibilities. You can reject them as many do, accept them as a special experience that you have been privileged to, expect them to be part of your reality, or create miracles in a fully conscious reality.  If we wish to invoke healing miracles it is essential that we access them from our superconscious mind. For it is there and only there that we manifest the power to make healing miracles.

  • There are three integral objectives that are a prerequisite of our superconscious healing.                                                                                                                                                                       One is to realize our immortality; to awaken to the fact that our essence is forever.                             
  • Two is to illuminate our divine wisdom and cultivate peace to the point where we are less distracted by the noise of our ego.                                                                                                                                                    
  • Three is to access our unlimited power. We are infinite eternal beings who are purveyors of limitless possibility.                                                                                               

There are five cardinal tenants that we must implement to create miracles and to access our creation.                                              

  • One is to know “The Way”, which is to understand the knowledge of natural law and to harmoniously flow with natural law from birth to growth to death to rebirth.
  • Two is to embrace the whole; to understand the mutual compatibility of opposition. To know that darkness exists in perfect harmony with the light.                                                                                                 
  • Three is to balance energy; to master and follow the way of energy and to live in harmony with the fluidity between energy and matter.                                                                                                                 
  • Four is to flow from Source; to emanate from our mortal soul and to be fully aware of our consciousness.                                                                                                                                                         
  • Five is to expand the mind; to cultivate the highest level of consciousness, and to merge with the universal mind.

We tend to sabotage the limitless potential of our personal power by losing our connection to our superconscious self. Most of us want to increase our power but end up self-sabotaging by getting in our own way and obstructing our superconscious flow with disruptive doubts and confusion. These generally emanate from the mortal self and its society dictated restraints.

Understanding the balance of living in a material world as an eternal spirit requires a creational relationship between opposites. If we continue to pour water into a pitcher, the same action that filled it up will eventually force it to spill out over the brim. So, filling up eventually results in emptying out. This creational relationship between opposites is evidenced of virtually every aspect of life. By making our peace with the mutual compatibility of opposition we are better able to embrace our flawed mortal self with our higher self.

We are vulnerable, finite matter that faces mortality while we are simultaneously impervious, infinite energy, indifferent to the illusion of time and space. As long as our version of reality is predominated by negative thoughts in the unconscious mind and limited by time and space, we will remain trapped in a vacuum of “Never”. The only thing that remains when there is no Now and Forever is Never.

There is no greater power available to us than that which results in the state of Now and Forever. The key is to continually recreate Now. This leads to the cultivation of an extraordinary self that is designed to perform in the state of Now and Forever. Those comprise the extraordinary self that is equipped to continuously renew the state of Now and to elevate it to the highest level of consciousness of our forever self. Miracle-making superconsciousness is all about from where we emanate.

Our Source is a river of creation that has only answers. We empower ourselves with limitless wisdom by tapping into this divine river. Miracles are the answers that are submerged in this river. They are therefore extraordinary events unrestricted by time and space. For us to be creators of miracles we need only access the miracles provided by the river of the Source. We need not qualify our purpose or actions to create miracles but we should co-exist in the place where miracles reside. By emanating from the soul that we are, we align ourselves with the endless flow of miracles.

Whenever I work with my patients, especially those who are terminally ill, I believe it is essential to establish both of us as omnipotent souls. In the event that the patient may reject the possibility of miracles they are immediately enlightened by the understanding that the miracle they seek already exists and all they need to do is to distinguish and occupy limitless space that is the wellspring of transcendence craved by their physical emotional and mental self.

A number of years ago I had a five-year girl named Nicole from Plymouth MA, who came to see me with her parents after she had been diagnosed with an end stage cancer. Over the months that we worked together I learned a lot about her, and in turn a lot about life. In the end when she was passing over, I visited her in the hospital, and she spent some time talking to me about what she was seeing. It was clear to me that Nicole’s spirit was soaring through heavenly realms. I was convinced that because she was such a young child that she was more tuned in to the celestial eithers that she was being drawn into. What she lacked in spiritual sophistication, she more than made up for it with her imagination and her magical mind. I remember thinking that this place that Nicole was visiting was clearly a dimension that she had accessed through a portal where miraculous outcomes await us. This is a place where I need to lead patients in the earlier phases of their disease process. We all lead material lives, which limits our ability to access the magical etheric realm of miracles. Our proclivity to be drawn into the conflicts and limitations of the material struggle are representatives of the ultimate obstructions that keep us from accessing the divine field of miracles. If we could only make it a priority to realize the illusive reality would come to know the way of miracles.

I often advise my patients to stand before a mirror and gaze into the core of their own eyes for a period of ten minutes. I tell them no matter how distracted they may feel, stay focused for the full ten minutes. This simple exercise enables the patient to see his or her own soul, and to be fully alive in a state of undivided presence. The two keys to mastering undivided presence are to gaze into your soul and to become aware of the breath within the soul. I call this learning to live a lifetime with each and every breath, and I mean that literally. We take millions of breaths within this lifetime. How many breaths that you took yesterday were you conscious of? Breath is the ultimate still point. Breath is life. It is also the most fundamental process from which to gather our consciousness.

If miracle making begins with the connection to your soul and your soul’s breath as the true self, it is the initial point to access your superconsciousness. Miracle making reaches fulfillment by merging our soul’s consciousness with the collective consciousness of universal mind and Source. It is by becoming one with the universe that we reach the ultimate transcendence. This is what fully engages our superconscious miracle making power.

Enlightenment results from a consciousness that is drawn to four elevated states. According to the ancient Mandukya Upinishads there are four states of mind that guide us into the realm of miracle making potential. These states are Jagrat, Svapna, Shusuputi, Tuiya.

Jagrat is a heightened state of awareness. Svapna represents divine imagination. Shusuputi is a pure state of egoless consciousness. Tuiya is the awareness of true soul identity. This ancient spiritual wisdom makes it very clear that the deepest state of consciousness opens the door to the creation of miracles. It is by elevating our vibrational states that we enter the realm of miracle creation.  It is from the base of the mortal illusion of self to the enlightenment of the infinite divine Source that we awaken the vibration of miracle making. The magic of transcendent miracles that resides in each of us, represents our connection to Source via our divine self by accessing our super-consciousness.

Mark Mincolla Ph.D. is a Nutritional Therapist and Quantum Energy Healer who has transformed the lives of more than 60,000 people over the last 35 years. Through his innovative genius, he has integrated ancient Chinese energy healing techniques with cutting edge nutritional science in what he calls Electromagnetic Muscle Testing. Dr. Mincolla was awarded the 2021 Divine Contribution to Humanity Award, and his new film The Way of Miracles was awarded the Best Health Awareness Film of 2021. He has authored 7 best-selling books and has appeared on Dr. Oz, Better TV, and numerous national TV & radio shows.