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We are thrilled to be announcing the launch of our NEW Smart Women’s App. This app is filled with valuable content on Money, Mindset, and Marketing. 


Didn’t get a chance to listen to Smart Women Talk live?  No worries…the show will be available on your mobile device the moment it becomes available.  You’ll never miss an episode.


We’ve also included an archive of past shows so you can go back and listen to some of your favorites or find one you may have missed.


All of our articles submitted by an impressive team of contributing experts on the topics of:


        • Money & Finance
        • Body, Mind, and Spirit
        • Business and Marketing


And as a special treat to those who have installed this app you will find free gifts that are only available inside the app and range from helpful tips to mini programs.


This mobile app is a gift to you from the Smart Women’s Empowerment Program, a project of United Charitable Programs which is a registered 501c(3) public charity devoted to inspiring and empowering women and girls to live more confident, joyful, and financially secure lives.


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