We are excited to welcome CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and retirement coach, KATANA ABBOTT, on Smart Women Talk Radio.

Katana and guest host, Chris Lewandowski-Freer, will discuss :

  • Why you want to retire to something — not from something.
  • How to create a midlife millionaire lifestyle without a million in the bank.
  • The 5 biggest mistakes women make with their retirement.


Katana Abbott, is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and Retirement Coach.  She began her financial planning career over 30 years ago because of her personal experiences with financial abuse, death, disability, divorce, and caregiving. Today, she teaches women to create a secure and wealthy retirement lifestyle by taking charge of their finances, getting organized and preparing for expected and unexpected life events. Katana is an author, inspirational speaker, and the host of Smart Women Talk Radio.  She is the founder of the Designated Caregiver® program and the Smart Women Companies™.

To learn more about Katana, go to her website HERE.

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