Listen Now as Katana interviews the founder of and the Radiant KickAss Women’s Club, Katherine MillerJoin us as we’ll discuss:

  • How to reduce stress and increase resilience by practicing this one simple trick a minute or two a day.
  • How to create more time in your life doing less and achieving more.
  • Discover a new dimension of your self that will help you to find equilibrium and peace in the middle of chaos and uncertainty.


Katherine Miller is a Certified Health Coach, Menopause Guide and Master Chef with over 35 years of experience in meditation, yoga, women’s leadership development, and optimal nutrition.

She helps professional women struggling with fatigue, weight gain and hormonal imbalance, to increase their energy and reduce stress. Her passion is showing women how to free up and strengthen their bodies and brains so they can live ambitious, adventurous, and creative lives.

Katherine lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two dogs, hiking, writing, gardening, traveling, dancing tango, and playing with her grandson.

To learn more about Katherine Miller go to

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