I just returned from holiday visiting sacred sites in Scotland, England, and Wales. What drew to me to these places? The sacred spirituality of the land that was appearing in my dreams at night. Six months ago, I started having dreams about stone circles. In these dreams I could feel the stones like a magnet, pulling me toward them.

I have learned in my life to listen to these dreams and follow the promptings of Spirit when it is guiding me in a certain direction. That’s how I wound up in India for the first time 15 years ago. It’s how I found my dear friend Puma in Peru; I listened to the inner voice that was calling me to South America. And again, it guided me to Africa for the first time four years ago. In each of these dreams, I have had clear instructions that I must go to these places, as there is the next level of my own spiritual development waiting for me, be it through a teacher, mentor, or the remnants of bygone days in ancient spiritual power places that bring “down loads,” as it was this time. It has only been in the last few years that I have realized that each time I visit a spot shown to me in a dream, it is connected to another sacred site. These connections are called ley lines.

Journeying Along the Ley Lines

Last September, when I was struck by lightning, I was taken into the “energy grid” that encircles our world and universe. During my first visit to India, I was able to “see” the energy grid that connects everything while I was meditating in a cave on Mt. Arunachala. This “energy grid,” also called sacred geometry, has been documented by mystics, meditators, and people who have experienced near death events throughout the ages. Machu Picchu, when viewed from above, is built as a grid in the shape of a condor, a sacred image to the ancients of South America. Given that everything is simply vibrating molecules of energy, it only makes sense that the vibrational frequency of these molecules is discernable and even visible to the spiritual seeker. I had little knowledge of the history or significance of ancient Celtic spiritual sites before this last trip to the United Kingdom. However, after visiting them I came away with a clear understanding of why these spots are so powerful.

The Connection Between Energy and Sacred Sites

Not only is there a grid of energy that encompasses our universe, but there is also a grid of earth energy that encircles the globe, connecting sacred power sites such as Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids, and Uluru. When these sites are plotted on a map, they are connected in straight lines that have been dubbed “ley lines” by Alfred Watkins. The lore of ley lines was new to my husband before we traveled to Scotland in search of the sacred. As we were meditating in Averbury Henge in England, he asked the question that most people ask at some point: Why is the spiritual energy so powerful at these sites? Were these ceremonial sacred sites built by people who could feel the Earth’s “Chakras,” or vortexes of power, to mark them for worship, or did years of spiritual practice by pilgrims and adepts increase the energetic vibration of the sites? Whatever the order (chicken or egg), the result is that there are undeniably powerful vortexes of energy that can be sensed by anyone who cares to spend time in these places.


The Power of Healing in the Ley Line Sacred Sites

Man-made structures such as Saksaywaman in Peru, Stonehenge in England, the Ring of Brodgar on the Isle of Orkney or the Callanish Stones and Standing Stones of Stenness on the Isle of Lewis, and Pentri Ifan in Wales have baffled scientists and archeologists for centuries. How did ancient people heft stones that weigh many tons on top of each other and fit them together so perfectly? Some say it was through technology known to races that came before the “great deluge” or flood, such as those occupying Atlantis, that has long been lost. Others have tried to replicate the ingenuity of engineering these ancients obviously had, to no avail. Still others believe they were placed by giants, or beings not from this planet. No matter what their origin, they are powerful.

When approached with humility, an intention for healing, and sacred purpose, these sites are mind-blowing. I could feel my cells respond to the energy of these sacred sites as I meditated and sat in ceremony in each one of them. In total, we visited over 20 sites located on ley lines that crisscross the United Kingdom.  In each one of these places, I came away with a new layer of healing, opening, and ultimately, happiness and joy.

The Ley Lines Within

Is it necessary to visit these sacred sites to gain the healing benefits they bring? No. We have within us our own power places and ley lines, called the chakra system. Simply sitting still each day with the intention of re-centering, being in ceremony, connecting to spirit will do the same thing. The benefit of going away on retreat or holiday is that the mundane day-to-day schedule is removed and focus can be one-pointed and uninterrupted. There is also the objective energy of these sites—activated and focused by these amazing man-made or natural monuments—that magnifies the energy within. But once again, can you do a “staycation” or “home-retreat” and achieve your own journey to the sacred within? Yes, for you have it all within you, if you know how to access it and if you will create the time and space for yourself to do so.

Many people feel so overwhelmed by their day-to-day living and responsibilities that they do not believe they can refocus in their own environments. Here are some tips for doing your own home Ley Line journey:

  1. Create an altar in your home. Altars are for one purpose and one purpose only, to focus your attention to the sacred. Every church has one, so why not create one in your home? You can choose a space, preferable facing east, in your living quarters that you designate as your very own altar or sacred space. You can place a reminder there that will help you “see” and connect to spirit. This can be a statue, a sacred book, a spiritually symbolic object, a beautiful rock, flower, plant, image, etc. What is sacred to you? Make that the center point to your home altar. Spend some time in contemplation, prayer, meditation each day at your altar. Keep it neat and tidy. Tend to it lovingly with care and devotion.
  2. Design and implement a sacred garden for yourself where birds and other creatures feel at home because you are providing them with food. Many spiritual teachers have emphasized the practice of feeding the animals we share the planet with as a sacred practice. When you spend time watching a hummingbird at the feeder you have set up, what emotions do you feel? What happens within your body? How can you feel depressed or alone when watching the joy of a dog, a bird, or a squirrel as it is nourished because of your loving care? Peace is the result, as Saint Francis of Assisi taught.
  3. Make your yoga practice more than just a physical exercise. Yoga was meant to be a vehicle for aligning your nervous system and organs in such a way that one-pointed focus can be achieved so meditation will be easier and union with the Divine the result. Can you make your daily walks in nature, sex with your partner, your yoga practice simply a vehicle to union with your own Divinity? Whatever your word is for God, the ultimate goal is connection. This can be with energetic source, Samadhi, the Divine, etc., remembering that you are a part of this energy. You are always the co-creator of your own reality, health, happiness, and abundance.
  4. Go on retreat. I take people yearly to the sacred spots that lie on the lay lines of the earth. This year I am taking a group to India. Next year it will be back to Scotland and Wales to the ancient Celtic sites. The following year it will likely be Peru. Take advantage of this sort of spiritual adventure and find your own sacred healing.

Originally posted on drkeesha.com

Dr. Keesha Ewers is a board certified Functional and Ayurvedic medical practitioner, as well as Doctor of Sexology, host and founder of The Woman’s Vitality Summit, and founder of a new branch of medicine called Functional Sexology. Click here to learn more about her Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Program.