Nasya Oil is nasal oil from the world of Ayurvedic medicine, the 10,000 year-old sister science of yoga. Not only does adding this in-expensive and simple step to your daily routine increase your immunity to the seasonal cold and flu bugs, but it also helps with stress reduction, memory, focus, and mood stabilization.

Nasya oil can be purchased from a variety of suppliers, but it’s inexpensive and super easy to make in your own kitchen. This is a Mystic Medicine winner as it relieves fatigue, insomnia, dark circles under the eyes, and reverses the effects of allergies and sinus issues.

Make Your Own Nasya in 3 Easy Steps

  •   Clean a small glass dropper bottle.
  •   Fill it with organic, cold pressed sesame oil.
  •   Add a few drops of organic eucalyptus oil if desired. That’s it!

Timing Nasya in Your Daily Routine

The best time to use your nasya oil is right when you wake up, before breakfast and just before bedtime.

How to Use Your Nasya Oil

Tilt your head back slightly. Drip 3-5 drops of warmed nasya oil directly into one nostril. Close the opposite nostril and breathe deeply through your open nostril. Repeat on the opposite side. Alternatively, you can drip a couple of drops of oil on your pinkie finger and insert the finger into your nare and gently massage the inside of your nasal passage.

You can repeat this 2-3 times as desired. As you breathe, inhaling the nutty fragrance of the oil, feel your mind calm and your mood become more grounded.

*Do not use if you are pregnant or have a cold, flu or sinus infection.

Dr. Keesha Ewers is a board certified Functional and Ayurvedic medical practitioner, as well as Doctor of Sexology, host and founder of The Woman’s Vitality Summit, and founder of a new branch of medicine called Functional Sexology. Click here to learn more about her Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Program.