“Staying Healthy for a Lifetime” with Florine Mark

Katana's interview with internationally known health and wellness influencer, author, and motivational speaker, FLORINE MARK. Some of the topics Florine and Katana will discuss include: The importance of healthy living. The role diet and exercise play in our health...

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“Thinking Big about Money” with Lewis Schiff

Katana's interview with business leader and author LEWIS SCHIFF. Don’t miss Lewis and Katana as they discuss: Strategies to maximize the value of your company. Ways to scale your sales force. How to become a scalable enterprise and enduring institution. Lewis...

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“Standing in Your Financial Power” with Maddy Dychtwald

Katana's interview with internationally recognized author, entrepreneur, business advisor, and thought leader, MADDY DYCHTWALD. Some of the topics Maddy and Katana will discuss include: Longevity as an important women’s issue. How the gender wage gap adds up over a...

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“The Money Anxiety Cure” with Koorosh Ostowari

Katana's interview with Dharma Leader and best-selling author of The Money Anxiety Cure, KOOROSH OSTOWARI. Some of the topics Koorosh and Katana will discuss include: How to train your brain to overcome money anxiety. How to have fun with the journey to financial...

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“Escape the Debt Trap” with Robin Thompson

Listen now to Katana's interview with money coach, speaker, author, and founder of Budget Wise Consulting, ROBIN THOMPSON. Don't miss Robin and Katana as they discuss: Uncovering how unchecked emotions can lead to debt. Helpful strategies to transform your debt into...

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“The Art of Money” with Bari Tessler

Listen now to Katana's interview with financial therapist, mentor coach, and author, BARI TESSLER. Katana and Bari discuss:  The bggest issues women face with money.  Smart tips to change your relationship with money.  How to simply get started with all this 'money...

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“It’s Time for a Financial Check Up” with Natalie Pace

Listen now to Katana's interview with financial expert and best-selling author, NATALIE PACE.  Katana and Natalie discuss:  The Thrive Budget. How to stop making the billionaires rich, and start thriving.  Easy-as-a-Pie-Chart Nest Egg strategies to protect your assets...

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“Set Goals” with Beth Wonson

Listen now to Katana's interview with writer, speaker and Smart Women’s Empowerment Contributing Expert, Beth Wonson. Katana and Beth look forward to discussing: The importance of setting goals. Why we sometimes resist setting goals. How to follow-through on our...

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“A Fresh Start” with Barbara Huson

Listen now to Katana's interview with Author, teacher and wealth coach, Barbara Huson. Katana and Barbara look forward to answering your questions about: Overcoming fear of change. What makes a woman “smart.” How to get clarity for making 2018 a powerful and...

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“Let Go of the Rock” with Beth Wonson

Listen Now as special guest host Chris Freer interviews Speaker, Author and Executive Consultant, Beth Wonson Join us as we’ll discuss: What are the three top rocks that steal our time and energy. How holding onto something can feel like it serves us. Simple...

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“Working In Retirement” with Glenda Price

Listen Now as Katana and guest host Victoria Trabosh interview the President of Detroit Public Schools Foundation, Glenda Price. Join us as we’ll discuss: Listeners will learn of opportunities to get involved Learn about the work of the DPS Foundation Better...

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“Sail the World” with Erick Reickert

Listen Now as Katana interviews Captain, Erick Reickert. Join us as we’ll discuss: Why you should continually challenge yourself, even in retirement. How to set goals and strive to achieve them. Why planning is the key to achieving goals.   Erick Reickert’s...

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“Whispers of the Himalaya” with Ajayan Borys

Listen Now as Katana interviews Founder of Effortless Mind meditation and author of Effortless Mind: Meditate with Ease and new book, Whispers of the Himalaya, Ajayan Borys. Join us as we’ll discuss: A secret to make your meditation much deeper. What it's like to live...

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“Six Secrets of Intimacy” with Laura Doyle

Listen Now as Katana interviews Marriage and Relationship Expert, Laura Doyle. Join us as we’ll discuss: The Six Intimacy Secrets How to nourish your relationship's intimacy How to feel empowered in your relationship   Laura Doyle is The New York Times...

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“Normal Is Over” with Renee Scheltema

Listen Now as Katana interviews Documentary Filmmaker and Producer of Normal Is Over The Movie, award-winning documentary looking at SOLUTIONS to reverse the path of global decline, Renee Scheltema. Join us as we’ll discuss: Normal is Over The Movie, connects the...

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“Using Humor in Everyday Living” with Patty Clark

Listen Now as Katana interviews the Author of Damsel In Dis Mess, Patty Clark. Join us as we’ll discuss: Finding humor in life's struggles Write your memoir to leave as a legacy You will learn that you're not alone in your experiences. Dubbed a modern-day Erma...

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