The birth of Venus

It’s been said that everything is energy, and that we attract what we focus on. In fact, the first chapter of the book, Think and Grow Rich, written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill, is called “Thoughts are things.”

Today, this idea has become a Universal Truth. So why is it that many of us find ourselves overworked, overwhelmed, stressed and focused on what we don’t have or what’s NOT working?

I think it’s because we simply forget that we create our reality through our thoughts and actions. With our busy lives, it’s so easy to get caught up with “busy-ness” and distracted by our long to-do lists, that we forget that we are the conductors and creators of our lives!

Deepak Chopra has an exercise that I absolutely love. He suggests asking yourself these 3 questions every single day: Is it FUN, is it EASY, and am I getting RESULTS?

If you are answering NO to any or all of these questions, then it’s a good chance you are focusing on the wrong things and it’s time to shift your energy.

Today, I am giving you a very simple exercise to shift or raise your energy. It’s nothing ground-shattering. In fact, you’ve probably heard it before. You have probably even tried it – for a few days anyway.

It’s so simple to do this and will only take about 10 minutes a day.

Gratitude Journaling Exercise:

  • Get a Journal
  • Write down everything you are grateful for each night before you go to bed
  • Do this for 30 days

Tip: This exercise will work differently for everyone, so you will want to journal about what happens in your life over the next 30 days.

Each day, take time to go back and review your prior journal entries and notice all the little miracles that are happening in your life, with your relationships, with your body, your money, and your energy.

The key to this exercise is to turn it into a habit like cleaning your teeth.

How do you create a habit? By doing it every single day like clockwork – for 21 days. To be safe, let’s try this simple exercise for 30 days. I challenge you to try it — I mean — to DO it for 30 days. I’ll bet that you’ll be amazed by the results.

I too am guilty of “trying” vs. doing. Trying is not a good word, is it?

How many times have we tried something, but lost interest, got busy, and forgot. Fill in the blank with your own excuse.

This is my personal experience with this exercise:

Last a week I started this process myself, simply writing the positive things that happened each day. On my first night, after writing my list, I thought WOW – I have a lot of great things happening right now!

The next night, I did it again, and I realized how much I had effortlessly accomplished that day, and it made me feel really great. It was a sense of JOY. These are just a few things that I recognized since I started this exercise last week:

  • I started appreciating and noticing very simple things.
  • I observed how much my energy had shifted.
  • I saw that I was able to focus and finish important projects with ease.
  • I began getting rid of clutter and freeing up space in my home and my office by releasing things.
  • I noticed how I was “holding on to my stuff” out of fear that I might need it one day. Again, it’s all energy, and the clutter had been zapping my energy.
  • I started saying “no” to things that did not serve me. For example, I was invited to do a speaking engagement, and I was able to decline, even though before, I may have accepted it because I didn’t want to “miss out.”
  • I also noticed that I began to lose some extra weight I’ve been carrying around.

And here is a bonus activity you can do. Every morning when you wake up – before you get out of bed – think of one thing you are grateful for, then another, then another, then another. See what this does for your morning energy. You don’t write any of this down, so it takes just 30-60 seconds.

I hope you give yourself this gift. It’s free, it’s fast and it’s easy. Just keep it simple and watch for those miracles!


katana crtKatana Abbott Life and Legacy Wealth Coach™, CFP®, CSA® is a contributing author of three books, and host of Smart Women Talk Radio with over 950,000 subscribers.

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