What is it during the holidays, in particular, that wipes out our energy? Most recently I was walking along the beach and thought of ways to nurture myself during this time. I thought of something and then realized that it only partially refreshed me. In other words, it refreshes me mentally, but not physically or spiritually.

So, I started thinking of the things I really like to do that hits all three touchpoints. Just the thought of taking action on these loving self-energy boosters brought a smile to my heart.

So, I would love to share a few of the ones that came up for me that morning and feel free to use them, or add your own. The more important thing is to remember to identify those loving self-nurturing things that hit all three touchpoints for you…mind, body and spirit!
Choose something that nurtures all three touchpoints for maximum energy and delight

For me, it’s dancing…in the living room, taking a Zumba class, a dance class.
Body: movement that allows for inhibited movement
Mind: thoughts are only on the steps, away from anything else going on in my life
Spirit: music and movement is a ‘high” for me.

Walking along the ocean, a creek, lake or pond – doing it for sheer enjoyment.
Body: My body breathes in lovely air quality and I remember to take deep breaths
Mind: Looking at water which to me is beautiful and peaceful bring my mind into a peaceful state. I’m also very present not to worry during this time.
Spirit: Once again, the negative ions of the ocean is refreshing and since our bodies comprise of mostly water, our internal and external spirits are in sync.

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