Last weekend, I was honored to spend some time with Maggie Allesee and David DiChiera during the spectacular dance performance by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at the Michigan Opera Theatre (MOT).

I’d like to share why I believe both of these Detroit icons are shining examples of my motto:

Katana with philanthropist, Maggie Allesee, and David DiChiera, Founder and Artistic Director of the Michigan Opera Theatre (MOT). Both individuals have created extraordinary legacies in their communities.

The Life You Lead is the Legacy You Leave.™
Michigan Opera Theatre CEO, Wayne Brown, states, “David DiChiera is a visionary, a man of tremendous talent and determination whose passion, business acumen and charisma created a Detroit opera company when they said it could not be done.”

DiChiera founded the MOT in 1971 which included refurbishing the abandoned Detroit Opera House. Since then, he has championed artists of color, featured innovative operas, mentored the next generation of artists, and has had a profound influence on Detroit’s revitalization.

His life and legacy will be celebrated on Friday, May 19 at the historic Detroit Opera House. You can learn more about the DiChiera Grand Salute event by visiting the MOT website.

Maggie Allesee is known in Detroit as one of our most generous philanthropists. Her support includes Oakland University, Wayne State University, Hospice of Michigan, the Detroit Historical Society, Michigan Opera Theatre, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and many more organizations too numerous to mention.

The key here is that Maggie is generous, not just with her major gifts, but also with her time and commitment. At 89, Maggie continues to be active on a daily basis by working with multiple boards and attending events she is passionate about. She is articulate, and to used the phrase coined by Florine Mark, “She is interesting and interested.”

I want to invite you to spend some time contemplating your life and exploring your passions and the legacy you want to leave one day.

Legacy is more than money, it’s what people feel and
remember when they hear or speak your name.

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