It’s the month of Love and many people are examining their love lives. For the last 29 years, I have worked mainly with high powered business executives and celebrities.  Most of my clients are looking for their ultimate match or going through transitions in their relationships. I’m sure you have set your business goals for 2021. Now it’s time to explore your relationship goals to create deeper love in 2021!

Our personal relationships have been challenged because of this ongoing pandemic. This has created an opportunity to slow down and “Get Real” about our lives and evaluate our relationship status. I would like to share some of my insights and thoughts to guide you on your path to “Make Love a Priority.”

Many busy successful men and women wonder how they can keep their careers on track and find time to date or keep their marriage in sync. I hear these statements from my clients about their relationships that are out of balance: “My husband, wife or significant other is complaining that I’m so disconnected and that we have grown apart; I am a focused on my career; I want to meet a great partner but, I’m just too busy with some important projects; and my family complains I’m just too busy to spend time with them.”  If this sounds like you, as an entrepreneur you will always have a new goal or project to conquer – Then suddenly, you get a wake-up call from life like the death of a family member or a close friend, an illness, or your partner may want to end your relationship.
If you are focused on success, maybe you are trying to avoid dating or invest the time/effort to improve your current relationship status; or maybe you are saying “Once I” accomplish this goal, make this amount of money, etc., then I’ll be ready for love or be more present in my life…The challenge is that years just slip away and then you realize you were too late. Sometimes we need to slow down and self-assessment our personal relationships to figure out why do I keep avoiding relationships. If you are struggling with getting real with yourself around relationships, I offer consultations to help you begin to understand what is impeding your ability to either meet the right person or develop and more meaningful relationship. – If you would like more information contact me.

In the meantime, I have included some topics for self-reflection:

Make an appointment with your heart and Get Real with yourself.
Your work is always going to be a part of your life. Hopefully, you are happy doing what you do…but ask yourself – At the end of the day am I totally fulfilled? Am I balancing my work and personal life? Do I want someone to share my successes? Am I taking time to reflect on what is most important to me and taking action to achieve my love goals? If you are married, are you treating your partner the way you did when you were dating? What does your heart really want?

Are you Still Healing from a Relationship or Divorce? Have you eliminated any old “Passengers Remaining in your Vehicle? Is there someone still nagging at your heart, sucking your energy, and draining your time?  Are you wasting time in a “Dead End” relationship or with a temporary lover or “friends with benefits”?  Are you carrying old anger around that is blocking new love to show up? Many busy people have deep imprints, trust issues, and doubt themselves from painful [RP~LD1] relationship experiences. Many of my clients say they hide behind their work or numb their pain with people who are not aligned with their ultimate vision.
I’d suggest checking out my book, Get Real about LOVE ~The Secrets to Opening your Heart & Finding True Love and get in touch with your heart. You’ll discover how your “love imprints” could be unconsciously blocking you from attracting love and create a new love story.

Would you want to date or be married to yourself right now? Are you the being the kind of person you want to attract? Are you living and treating yourself the way you would be if you were in love? If you are single, make a list of the actions would you be taking if you knew the love of your life was arriving in the next 30 days?  Get started and execute some of those actions now! Need some guidance? I can support you.

Still Single? “Do I take time to play and commit to spending time to meet new people? One of my common recommendations to singles looking for love and that I cover in my book Get Real About Love is to act as if you already have a lover in your life –Many of my clients found that someone special just magically showed up. Yes, with an open heart anything is possible! People are still finding love during this pandemic, but people are safely meeting on online. Think about joining networking groups or subscribing to my monthly Flirting with Life & Virtual Networking events. Whatever approach you take be more open-minded and take more risks in your dating life.

If you have a man or woman in your life, are you taking time for love? Do you need to reignite the passion in your relationship? What would you do if your partner said they were not happy and may want to separate or break up? Do you believe that your relationship can be saved? Are you 100% committed to making it work?

Taking action by re-committing to your commitment can offer a chance to make it work. Be grateful and take a stand for your marriage or move on! Note: I coach couples all the time who need to spice up their marriage or relationship. It is an art to learn how to flirt even with your own partner. If you want to learn “how to get that sparkle back” in your relationship, contact me!

Is your life in balance with work and play?Get to know what really makes you happy and carve out a few hours each week do those activities now married or single. Change your day-to-day schedule and routines and mix it up! Yes, we are still dealing with this pandemic, but you can still get up 30 minutes earlier and stop at a cool café or coffee shop for breakfast on your way somewhere. Put away your smart phone when you are out as you will miss flirting opportunities. There are many great places to connect with people depending on your passions!

Do you believe in LOVE? You get what you believe and focus on! Watch your thoughts and words carefully. The thoughts you think about love and relationships show up in every conversation, your body language and the “energy” you project.  Believe in LOVE and keep your heart open! Love can happen at any age, any day, at any time. 

Renée Piane, the Love Designer & Relationship Reinvention expert, is a master at connecting people and one of the top influencers in the love industry. She works with high powered executives and celebrities who are looking for their ultimate match or are going through transitions in their relationships. Her books Get Real about Love and Love Mechanics have transformed many lives. As the pioneer of Rapid Dating/Networking, Renée matched thousands of people for love and business over the last thirty years. She was featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times & The New York Times.

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