As we begin 2019, I’d like to express some gratitude and share what we have in store for you! First, I want to thank YOU for being part of our Smart Women’s Empowerment global community. It’s exciting to see so many new members from all over the world. I also want to thank all our CONTRIBUTORS who make our program possible by sharing their wisdom with insightful articles, radio interviews, tips, movie reviews, and free resources. I give thanks to our outstanding STAFF,  Lynn Abbott-McCloud and Tara Backes, who make everything happen effortlessly behind the scenes. And I am especially grateful to our generous DONORS who make it possible for us to provide all our programs free of charge to women all over the world.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and are fully funded through tax deductible donations.  Learn about our mission, programs and how you can help  HERE!

I chose to begin the year with the theme of clearing clutter and releasing what is no longer serving you because I can’t think of a better way to start a new year.  I hope you enjoy our expert contributors this month as they share their wisdom for beginning this new year with more clarity and ease.

I invite you to partake in my Releasing and Receiving Fire Ritual.  This is a powerful ceremony which can become an annual event that allows you to amplify the spiritual laws of the universe during the Winter Solstice or at the beginning of each new year.

We are excited to be working on some new programs for you this year, including a new money course for the Smart Women’s Academy.  Over 400 women have taken our free Unlock Your Financial Power course.  In the exit survey we learned:

  • 88% found the course helped them with their vision, confidence, and mindset.
  • 80% said they would be interested in a course specifically on money, mindset and creating wealth.

We received a new grant from Seed Foundation that will be used to bring this new and interactive money course to you this year. Through it, we will share how to create wealth by saving and earning more, investing for your retirement, protecting your wealth from the unexpected, and how to stay out of debt.

In addition, we have already lined up amazing interviews for Smart Women Talk Radio with exciting topics that include:

  • Your DNA is not your Destiny!
  • The Healing Power of Food
  • Managing your Credit, Debt, and Bankruptcy
  • Changing Careers at Midlife
  • Planning for a Vibrant Retirement

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Katana Abbott, CFP® practitioner, is a Wealth Coach™, host of the Smart Women Talk Radio™, founder of the Smart Women Companies with over 1 million subscribers globally, inspirational speaker and author of several books. She began her financial planning career in 1987 and became a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner. In 2003, Katana created Smart Women’s Coaching® to offer financial coaching and educational workshops for women in transition who are dealing with caregiving, death of a loved one, divorce, retirement or looking to create or grow a business.  She founded Smart Women’s Empowerment in 2008 to bring free financial empowerment resources and programs to women around the world through her team of Contributing Experts. To learn more about Katana Abbott visit