Katana’s interview with Author Gail Z. Martin.

Join us as we’ll discuss:

  • What the 41 people we interviewed, people who made very different big, successful life changes—had in common, and why it matters!
  • What listeners need to know to make a change and create their own Fresh Start Success.
  • Why social media is a must-have for making your own Fresh Start Success a reality!

Gail Z. Martin is a bestselling author and international speaker. Her newest books are Fresh Start Success: How to Reinvent Your Work, Reimagine Your Life and Reignite Your Passion and The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook: A New Roadmap for Maximizing Your Brand, Influence, and Credibility (Career Press). LifeHack named her book 30 Days to Social Media Success one of its Top 20 Business Books to Read in 2016. Gail is also the author of 15 epic and urban fantasy novels, and she holds an MBA in Marketing, with over 30 years of experience.

To learn more about Gail Z. Martin go to www.DreamSpinnerCommunications.com


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