Did you know you are in a relationship with your home? You may not have thought of it in this way, but it’s true. When you signed the contract to buy or rent your home, got the keys, and moved in, you entered into a relationship that will forever affect you in some way.

Moving into a new space is always a momentous occasion that comes with an array of emotions from excitement to overwhelm. It usually coincides with a major life change – marriage, divorce, new baby, new job, school, graduation, downsizing, upsizing, or simply starting over.

When you get the key to your new home, a new cord of energy is created. You are now in a relationship with your home as you’ll each take on each other’s energy .

Think about the relationship you have with your home currently. Is it a challenging or supportive environment? Some people love their home, some resent their home, and others are simply indifferent about their home. Whichever is the case for you is a reflection of a bigger picture. Just like our personal relationships, our home is a mirror for ourselves. The good news is that when you make changes to your home, you make changes to yourself.

Are there changes you can make to improve the relationship? Just like a personal relationship, it takes attention to foster, maintain, and maybe even improve your relationship with your home.

Here are some suggestions to improve your relationship with your home:

Make repairs.

Nothing lowers the energy of a home (or you) more than broken items or areas in disrepair. For broken items, take steps to get them repaired or dispose appropriately. For home repairs, make a list so that each one can be addressed over time, according to your budget.

Turn your least favorite room into your favorite.

Ideally, you want to love all parts of your home. Yes, even your shadow sides lurking in the back of your closet. Find your least favorite room or area. This could be a room, an area in a room, or simply a drawer.

Identify why it is your least likely location in your house. This will be good information for you and, most likely, represents a bigger theme in your life. And then turn lemons into lemonade. Consider shifting the function of the room. Oftentimes, it is a lack of identity or function leaving the room in confusion. Or maybe it is as simple as a new coat of paint or removing the giant armoire that you’ve felt obliged to keep. Make this room your favorite and you will be amazed how quickly your relationship with your home shifts.


This may seem obvious, but just wiping counters and dusting furniture can make a huge difference. Not only does it clean surfaces on the physical level, but also on the energetic level. When you clear out the cobwebs in your home, you clear out the cobwebs in your life too!

Woo Your home.

Enhance all of your senses through your home. Light candles; buy flowers; play music; use aromatherapy; cook a meal. All of these will help you fall in love with your home. And because our home is a mirror of yourself, you also fall back in love with… you.


Tisha Morris is a best-selling author, Feng Shui expert, and business coach. Tisha holds a degree in Law and a Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. She combines Feng Shui techniques, design aesthetics, coaching, and intuition to turn challenging spaces into supportive environments. Tisha facilitates workshops and works one-on-one with people and businesses to identify blocks and to make desired changes. Tisha is the host of Feng Shui Your Life podcast and the founder of Earth Home School of Feng Shui. To Learn more about Tisha, go to TishaMorris.com