As we begin the new year, it is a perfect time to release “Mind Clutter,” or limiting beliefs and behaviors that are no longer serving us in order to make room for new empowering beliefs and goals that will help us live a more joyful life in 2019.  Isn’t it time for more simplicity and ease?

Deepak Chopra suggests that each day we ask ourselves these three questions about how we are living our lives:

  • Is if fun?
  • Is it easy?
  • Am I getting results

Often, when we are experiencing a lot of pain and challenges, it’s the Universe’s way of getting our attention.  The Law of Intention states that we are actually creating our experiences and manifesting  our reality through our thoughts and of course, our actions.

The challenges and chaos of daily life can sometime make us forget about the powerful spiritual Laws of the Universe that provide us the keys to creating a life we truly want.  Daily practices, or special rituals that give us time to clear our head and our energy can be very powerful in helping us access these spiritual forces that are available to each of us.

I begin each year with a simple, yet powerful fire ritual that I’d like to share with you.  You can do it alone, but it is even better as a group activity.

Please make some time for this simple Releasing and Receiving Exercise to clear any mind clutter by creating space for what you really want.  Follow these steps, and you will notice a shift in your energy, joy, and ease.


  • Go to a quiet place where you can focus.  Take 3 deep breaths and slowly tune out everything that is going on around you.
  • Take out a piece of paper and at the top of the paper write, “I AM RELEASING.”
  • Create a handwritten list of what you want to release in your life.  These are beliefs, experiences, or behaviors that are no longer serving you.  You can include any negative thoughts like fear, doubt, worry, scarcity, or relationships.  Close your eyes and allow experiences or actions that still haunt you with feelings of resentment, embarrassment, or regret.  Since you cannot change the past, you must simply let them go once and for all.  Write them all down.
  • Put the energy of these experiences or beliefs into this piece of paper.  Take your time.
  • When you are finished, you will need to destroy the list.  I suggest that you actually burn the paper in a fire ceremony, but of course, please be careful.  If burning the paper is not an option, you can also shred it, but the paper must be destroyed.  Do not keep the list.
  • As you do this, take a deep breath and release the energy that was associated with these beliefs.


  • Next, I want you to create a new handwritten list of the things that you want to bring into your life.
  • At the top of this paper write, I AM RECEIVING.
  • Write each of these new statements as “I am.”  For example:  “I am bringing more joy, love, and ease into my life.”  Write as if these things are already happening.
  • Think about who you want to be in this new year.  How you want to feel, how you want to respond to the moment, and what you want more of.
  • Put this new list where you can see it.  Then take a moment every day to focus on this list.  Really feel the intention you are sending out to the Universe.
  • Write about the miracles and new positive experiences in your Gratitude Journal.  Focus on the new joy and abundance that is flowing into your life with each day.  Notice what is truly important.

This exercise is so simple, yet it is also so powerful.

If you do this exercise, please let me know about your experience.  You can post your experience below or email me at  I look forward to hearing from you!


Katana Abbott, CFP® practitioner, is a Wealth Coach™, host of the Smart Women Talk Radio™, founder of the Smart Women Companies with over 1 million subscribers globally, inspirational speaker and author of several books. She began her financial planning career in 1987 and became a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner. In 2003, Katana created Smart Women’s Coaching® to offer financial coaching and educational workshops for women in transition who are dealing with caregiving, death of a loved one, divorce, retirement or looking to create or grow a business.  She founded Smart Women’s Empowerment in 2008 to bring free financial empowerment resources and programs to women around the world through her team of Contributing Experts. To learn more about Katana Abbott visit