The need is real. So are our results.

We’ve reached more than 1 million smart women around the world

With your generosity, we’ve now launched Smart Women’s Academy—an online resource where women around the world can take FREE financial courses designed to help them create wealth and design a life they love.

In fact, our first class, Unlock Your Financial Power: the keys to health, wealth & happiness had 200 women enroll in the first week.


90% of women will likely be managing their finances on their own at some point due to the prevalence of divorce and living longer.

To meet this need, our goal is to launch three online courses:

  • Unlock Your Financial Power: the keys to health, wealth & happiness
  • Designated Daughter® (the inside track on caregiving)
  • Money Drama Breakthrough (personal finance)
  • Plus, Kindle books on hot topics such as personal finance, entrepreneurship, health and happiness

The Difference. Delivered Daily.

Smart Women’s Empowerment provides what you and I often take for granted


83 percent of the women who use our products are 40+. In addition, 40% earn less than $30,000 annually and admit to struggling with basic financial mindset and practical skills. Many join our community because they feel alone on their journey. Imagine if no one had helped you when you needed it most. That’s why we do it.

The life you lead is the legacy you leave™

Like so many women I support, hardship was my early companion. Before age 20, I lost my father, my home, my money, and had become a victim of domestic abuse. Fortunately, during this critical period in my life, I discovered the classic book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, whose teachings set my life on a new path of hope, faith and inspiration.

After a long journey of sales jobs, college and the search for a mentor, I joined American Express Financial Advisors and became a Certified Financial Planner™. The process of going from fearful victim to a confident woman with financial prosperity wasn’t easy. However, it gave me the foundation for my life’s work. Helping women rise above difficult circumstances is my passion and why I created Smart Women’s Empowerment.

Smart Women’s Empowerment is a program sponsored by United Charitable, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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