Join Us Tuesday, November 25th, 2014.

Katana and Vicky will be interviewing Author and Body-Centered Psychotherapist, Carolyn M. Hobbs.

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Join us as we’ll discuss:

  • How to dissolve anxiety, fear and despair by locating it “in the body,” free of any mental story, and hold it in loving compassion.
  • How to name unconscious limiting beliefs & change them within seconds.
  • How to drop any resentment or fear story and return to the present, where all power always lives.

Carolyn M. Hobbs is an Author, Therapist, Workshop Leader and former College Professor. She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in Body-Centered Therapy. Carolyn is also a Workshop Teacher on Joy at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, SF-Bay Area, and has been since 2004. She is also a Professional Trainer at the U.S. Journal’s Annual Conferences in Santa Fe, NM & Seattle, WA. Carolyn is a Former Graduate Professor at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO. Lastly, Carolyn has served as a National Body-Centered Therapist for 35 years from home base in Durango, CO.

To learn more about Carolyn go to

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