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Smart Women’s Empowerment invites corporations to form a strategic alliance with an organization that represents women across a broad spectrum of socioeconomic, ethnic and educational backgrounds. We work with woman who are seeking information and resources to improve their health, wealth and happiness.

We have an international presence through Smart Women Talk Radio™, social media and participants from around the globe who regularly engage in conversations and discussions

By supporting Smart Women’s Empowerment, you will build your brand among a notably loyal consumer group and grow your bottom line through opportunities to promote and affiliate with our global network of more than 950,000 subscribers.

For more information about a Smart Women’s Empowerment corporate partnership, contact katana at 248-417-6523, e-mail or click here to see a sponsorship packet.


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Restorative Medicine at the Sklar Center

The Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine was started to meet the needs of people who are looking for a natural approach to health care. At the Sklar Center, we help our patients achieve health by finding and treating the underlying causes of disease. Restorative Medicine is a new way of being healthy. It is a scientifically based field of medicine which uses cutting edge technology as well as ancient wisdom to restore your body to optimum health. While traditional medicine waits for diseases to occur, Restorative Medicine prevents disease. Where traditional medicine is a band-aid approach to health, Restorative Medicine fixes the root cause of disease for a permanent solution. At the Sklar Center we see ourselves as detectives in search of the real causes of your illness.

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