“Ease Over Effort” with SARAH PAPP

“Ease Over Effort” with SARAH PAPP

We are delighted to share Master Certified Leadership and Performance Coach, SARAH PAPP this month on Smart Women Talk Radio.

Join Sarah and Katana as they discuss :

  • Why ease is important in creating a happy life.
  • Breaking the myth about effort, struggle, and sacrifice.
  • The formula for creating ease.

Sarah Papp is a Master Certified Coach with a BA in Sociology from Sarah Lawrence College. She is the creator of the program, Unstoppable Ease, publisher of Ease magazine, and is on a mission to help women leaders stop hustling and instead lead with heart and live with ease.

To learn more about Sarah, go to sarahpappcoaching.com



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“It Takes Guts: Finding the Courage to Live Your Life for YOU” with SHEREE CLARK

“It Takes Guts: Finding the Courage to Live Your Life for YOU” with SHEREE CLARK

We are excited to welcome Midlife Courage Coach, SHEREE CLARK, on Smart Women Talk Radio.

Join us as Sheree and Katana discuss :

  • How to get in touch with what you actually want next.
  • The very first step that precedes all acts of courage.
  • Practical tips for facing down fear.

Sheree Clark is a Midlife Courage Coach, TV show host, inspiring speaker and accomplished author. Sheree has written and presented on topics ranging from finding your passion to overcoming career burnout. She appears in a weekly segment on KCWI channel 23 called Fork in the Road with Sheree Clark, while maintaining a busy practice coaching clients one-on-one and in groups on creating an authentically fulfilling life. In her personal time, Sheree and her cat Lotus work on their yoga poses.

To learn more about Sheree, go to www.fork-road.com



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“Standing in Your Financial Power” with Maddy Dychtwald

“Standing in Your Financial Power” with Maddy Dychtwald

We are delighted to feature this encore show with author, entrepreneur, and business advisor, MADDY DYCHTWALD, this month on Smart Women Talk Radio.

Some of the topics Maddy and Katana will discuss include:

  • Longevity as an important women’s issue.
  • How the gender wage gap adds up over a lifetime.
  • Why money talk is taboo.

Maddy Dychtwald is regularly featured in prominent national media, including Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Newsweek, Time, U.S. News & World Report, Fox Business News, CNBC, and NPR. She is an ongoing contributor to the Wall Street Journal’s Retirement Expert Panel where she had the top wealth-management expert post for 2017 based on reader traffic.

To learn more about Maddy Dychtwald go to www.maddydychtwald.com.


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“The Feminine Shift into Freedom, Power, and Mastery” with CYNDIE SILBERT

“The Feminine Shift into Freedom, Power, and Mastery” with CYNDIE SILBERT

We are delighted to welcome the founder of Feminine Mastery, host of Feminine Shift Podcast, and author CYNDIE SILBERT, on Smart Women Talk Radio.

Cyndie and Katana will discuss:

  • Discover the feminine way to attract abundance.
  • How to prosper and flourish with Feminine Mastery.
  • Deepen your connect with yourself and money.

Cyndie Silbert is your host for the Feminine Shift Podcast and founder of Feminine Mastery. She is the creator of the Feminine Mastery Archetypes, and author of True Calling, Awaken the Power of Your True Self. She has mentored women for more than 10 years through online programs, private mentoring, events and her Maui women’s retreat. Cyndie’s transformational body of work centers around her five original feminine mastery archetypes – the Chameleon, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Hummingbird and Honeybee AND the three feminine shifts of Feminine Freedom, Feminine Power and Feminine Mastery. She designed Feminine Mastery as a path that guides a woman to flourish in the new feminine paradigm by becoming expressed, embodied and exalted as the woman she was born to be. Cyndie has grown Feminine Mastery into a global community and is extending Feminine Mastery’s presence overseas through upcoming events in 2019 including her signature women’s retreat on Maui.

Begin your feminine shift by taking the Archetype Quiz and discovering the Blueprint for the woman you were born to be. Take the Quiz HERE.


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“Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom” with ACHARYA SHUNYA

“Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom” with ACHARYA SHUNYA

We are delighted to feature an encore interview with author and wisdom of Ayurveda expert, ACHARYA SHUNYA, this month on Smart Women Talk Radio.

Listen as Acharya and Katana discuss:

  • How waking early before sunrise can jumpstart your whole mental, physical and emotional health.
  • How drinking cold water and other iced beverages may be damaging your constitution.
  • How massaging with oils daily before bath or shower has profound health implications.


Acharya Shunya is one of the extraordinary teachers of the living, embodied wisdom of Ayurveda. She transmits it through the roots of her ancient family lineage as well as throughout her book, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom (Sounds True, 2017). Shunya is the driving force behind Vedika Global, a wisdom school dedicated to awakening health and consciousness, and was recognized as one of the Top 100 teachers of Ayurveda and Yoga in America by Spirituality and Health Magazine (2015). Shunya is President of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine, a the keynote speaker at national and international conferences, and teaches at California Institute of Integral Studies and at complementary medicine symposiums at Stanford, UCLA, and UCSF.

To learn more about Acharya Shunya, go to AcharyaShunya.com.       

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“Younger Next Year” with author CHRIS CROWLEY

“Younger Next Year” with author CHRIS CROWLEY

We are thrilled to feature this encore show with author, CHRIS CROWLEY, this month on Smart Women Talk Radio.

Tune in as Chris and Katana discuss:

  • Why 70% of aging is voluntary and how you can avoid it until you are near the end of life.
  • How can you avoid many major illnesses and accidents (heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc.) altogether.
  • Whether or not women age differently than men.

Chris Crowley is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Virginia Law School. For 25 years he was a litigation partner at a leading Wall St law firm. He retired at 56 to “lead more than one life”. He and his wife, portrait painter Hilary Cooper, moved to Aspen for five years to ski, write and so on. He had the idea for and co-authored Younger Next Year which has sold some million copies in 20 languages. The most recent book in the series is Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program.

To learn more about Chris Crowley, go to Younger Next Year      



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