Top 12 Investing Mistakes

Top 12 Investing Mistakes There are many Wall Street sayings that can help you to navigate successful investing. Below are 12 common mistakes that you want to avoid, and beneath them 12 Better Ideas.

The High Cost of Free Advice.

Most of us rely upon financial advisors, who dispense their counsel freely, for what we believe is good financial advice on budgeting, investing and our retirement. However, as a study from the Rand Corporation discovered, that can be a very bad bet – particularly in market downturns. In Rand’s paper, “Impacts of Conflicts of Interest …

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What Do Smart Women Want?

It’s the time of year when you are invited to review your employer and government health benefits through Open Enrollment, so our focus this month is on helping you make the best decisions when it comes to your health and money.   If you are still working and have benefits through your employer, you should be …

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Thinking Big about Money

Our theme this month is Thinking Big About Money, and I’m thrilled to be interviewing international speaker and author, Maddy Dychtwald of Age Wave, about a year-long study she and her organization conducted with Merrill Lynch on women and money.  The results have been published in a 28-page report called, Women & Financial Wellness:  Beyond …

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Stand in YOUR Financial Power

This year, Smart Women’s Empowerment is focused on taking you through a journey to Unlock Your Financial Power so you can create wealth, make a difference, and create a life you love. We have provided you with stepping stones to stand in your financial power each month: We began the year by interviewing best-selling financial author, …

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Does Money Make You Anxious?

One of the best things we can do to really get present with our financial well-being is to assess it. By asking ourselves a few pivotal questions, we demystify money and are able to focus on what we need to get in financial shape. I encourage you to take the Money Anxiety Quiz (and share it with …

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