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How this Female Business Owner learned that Letting Go is the best way to grow

Letting go of control is a challenge for every entrepreneur but an essential one too. As Karen Auster proves, it’s a vital step toward keeping your sanity intact and helping your business to bloom. As founder and CEO of the Brooklyn-based Auster Agency, an experiential marketing firm, Karen found she was stretching herself too thin …

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Socialization and #MeToo

Why have there been dozens and dozens of men accused of sexual harassment? Why has sexual misconduct continued for decades, despite corporate sexual harassment training and law suits? Why aren’t more men held accountable for their actions?  The answer comes down to how boys and men are socialized, and the masculine culture of the U.S. …

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3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Make a Deal

I’ve found that the self-made rich (those who have a net worth of $10 million or more) are very serious about getting to know the people they do business with. No matter how smart or talented you are, they want to take your full measure before they consider going forward with you.

5 Ways to Keep Employees From Becoming Competitors

Keeping entrepreneurially minded people in the tent isn’t always easy, and you may fear sometimes that you’ve created a monster or two. But having a more entrepreneurial management culture can be particularly helpful in lean or flat organizational structures that require people who are more solution-oriented and less hierarchical in their thinking.

Find Your Focus and Commitment

One of the biggest problems I had when I started my business was that there were so many opportunities and so little time. I would see what others were doing and suddenly wonder, “Hey, maybe I should be learning that, too.”