Since you’re reading this, I imagine you’re ready to be the bold badass leader you know you are, but, you’ve been holding back, tamping yourself down to please others, to fit in and to be accepted, all the while being loyal and dutiful to everyone but you. You have unwittingly given your power away to make others more comfortable around you. Sound familiar?

Our cultural conditioning around gender, race, religion and sexual orientation has also impacted our perceptions of leadership, and we wonder why we struggle to stand in our power as leaders.

Badass Engagement is an interruption in both our conditioning and in the status quo. Collectively we are facing the effects of our antiquated power structures that we’ve lived with and settled for. We have only known Power as Dominance, Power Over, amplifying fear, doubt and lack, which inevitably permeates our business and life.

Badass Engagement (BE) is ushering in an entirely new way to lead. BE is redefining the true meaning of “POWER,” and it’s not what you’ve been taught. True Power is Turn On, Being Lit Up, which Amplifies Pleasure and elevates you to Love, imbuing both your business and your life. 

When you’re Turned On, you’re excited, the creative juices flow, everything becomes aligned, you become fabulously attractive, creating an abundance of business with ease, while reaping the joys of your vision and making the impact you’re here to make.

When you choose to claim your authority and genius, you too will interrupt the status quo.

Here’s how I see it… You can either continue to diminish and dishonor yourself while you maintain your veneer of looking impressive OR you can delight in the glory of your sovereignty in full expression of your authority and genius.

It’s up to you!

Katie Macks is a leadership trainer and coach for entrepreneurs and business leaders who are committed to changing the way they relate, which therefore changes the way they lead. Katie is a maverick leader who joyfully challenges the status quo. She’s changing the face of leadership by pivoting from the outdated patriarchal model – and its structure of “power over” – to a new paradigm of leadership that focuses on “power with.”  Katie’s work is based in emotional intelligence, vulnerability, clarity, collaboration and courageous communication which is revolutionizing the way business gets done.

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