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How to Amplify Your Sales: Focus on Value

In a recent column Vanessa Nornberg – owner of Metal Mafia and a member of our Board of Experts – tackled a common sales training problem that many businesses have, especially with new, unseasoned salespeople. It might even be called a human issue, because in a...

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Fix the Roof while the sun is shining

The 10 Events That Will Drive (or Tank) the Economy in 2019. John F. Kennedy Jr. famously said, “The time to fix the roof is while the sun is shining.” As we enter the 11th year of this recovery, it is definitely time to do a full assessment of our roof, testing where...

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“Design Your Second Act” with Nancy Collamer

We are excited to welcome retirement coach, columnist, and author, NANCY COLLAMER to Smart Women Talk Radio. Nancy and Katana will discuss: The three steps to design a Second Act . Why it pays to plan for your Second Act. Fun ideas for creating your Second Act. Nancy...

“Bankruptcy 101” with Julie Teicher and Lisa Mullen

We are delighted to welcome bankruptcy experts, JULIE TEICHER and LISA MULLEN,  on Smart Women Talk Radio. Julie, Lisa, and Katana will discuss : The types of bankruptcies that are available for businesses. The types of bankruptcies that are available for individuals....

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