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Should You Buy Tesla Stock at a 2 ½ Year Low?

Recently one of our tribe reached out and said she was thinking of buying tesla stock. Earning gains in any investment is never as simple as clicking the buy button. So I encouraged her to make sure that she had an exit strategy and examined how this investment would...

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Detoxing to Reverse Autoimmune Disease

Reversing autoimmunity is possible. I did it. Hundreds of my patients have done it. And we all did it in a way that fit our own unique root causes. The root causes of autoimmune disease are what I call the four corner pieces of the autoimmune puzzle. Given that you...

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Four Steps to Killer Sales Growth

Sales are the lifeblood of a company. Without them all business stops, so it makes sense to build a powerhouse team that knows how to close a sale. Vanessa Nornberg, owner of Inc. 500 company Metal Mafia, a board member here at Birthing of Giants, and an expert at...

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“From Frustrated to Focused” with DEBBIE PETERSON

We are thrilled to welcome career mindset strategist and author, DEBBIE PETERSON, this month on Smart Women Talk Radio. Debbie and Katana will discuss : How to get clear on what you actually want in your career and how you’re going to achieve it. Tools to make the...

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