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We are a non-profit dedicated to empowering women with the tools to achieve financial security through free online mentoring, educational resources, and accountability to build wealth, confidence, happiness, and success.

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Can You Think Yourself Rich?

“I like the impossible because there’s less competition.” – Walt Disney You may be familiar with the movie “The Secret,” and the book Think and

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Look Back to Leap Forward

Do you know that many people discover their life purpose during their most desperate hours?  So often, we look back at negative experiences or people

“How you handle money affects every area of your life!”

When your finances are out of control, your life is out of control. We’re here to help women make smart life and financial choices.

My dream when I created Smart Women’s Empowerment was to form an army of smart, successful women who would each reach out to just one other woman in need and say, 

“Here, take my hand, and I’ll show you the way.”

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Of Women Refrain From Discussing Finances With Close Friends and Family
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of Women who are offered retirement guidance at work do not take advantage
0 %
Of Women are confused about navigating their future financial path
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Are not confident discussing money and investing with a financial professional
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2015 Fidelity Investments Money FIT Women Study

Empowered Women

"There are many awesome women in this program who are willing and able to extend a helping hand if you are having trouble getting started."
Jacqueline Case
“The whole program has strengthened the will in me. I am so much more positive and hopeful, and have already started to see momentum from the changes.”
Burcu Yalman
Istanbul, Turkey
“I now have a new way of thinking. I’ve learned to manage my money and am not afraid and dependent anymore.”

Center Attendee

I'm a survivor of financial abuse and domestic violence.​​

Katana Abbott Climbs MountainsLike so many women I support, hardship was my early companion.

Before age 20, I lost my father, my home, my money, and had become a victim of domestic abuse. Fortunately, during this critical period in my life, I discovered the classic book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, whose teachings set my life on a new path of hope, faith, and inspiration. After a long journey of sales jobs, college, and the search for a mentor, I joined American Express Financial Advisors and became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. The process of going from fearful victim to a confident woman with financial prosperity wasn’t easy. However, it gave me the foundation for my life’s work. Helping women rise above difficult circumstances to thriving is my passion and why I created Smart Women’s Empowerment and why I’ve even made my personal coaching materials available for free in the Smart Women’s Academy.

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